Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet Megan

Megan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 4 when she was just 6 months old. We couldnt have been more shocked when we heard the devestating news. Megan had to endure 6 months of gruelling chemotherapy followed by surgery to remove the tumour. Unfortunately her tumour was wrapped around her spine/Aorta and permanent damage had already been done to her spinal cord. We were told Megan showed no evidence of Neuroblastoma in April 2004, this was the best news. Unfortunately we were told Megans spinal cord had been damaged and she would never be able to walk.

Megan is now nearly 7 years old and has a string of Neuroblastoma related problems. She is paraplegic, has neuropathic bowell and bladder and also severe scoliosis. When she was 3 she had to have metal rods inserted into her spine to try and keep her spinal curve straighter. She has to have spinal surgery every 6-9 months to lengthen the rods as she grows. When she is about 12 she will have her spine fused. She copes with everything really well and always manages to smile. Life is tough for her but she is a fighter.

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  1. It's just so amazing what these little kids go through. They are more brave than a adult is and they recover so quickly. Here is my son's blogspot please let me know if you have a blogspot.