Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet Eloise!

Eloise was born at 32 weeks but she had no problems from her prematurity as she was well developed and a good weight.She thrived and was a happy sweet little girl.
April 2002 at 20 mths old she had hand , foot and mouth virus but was not unwell with it. On the 23rd May 2002 she became unwell, breathless,blue tinge around her mouth, vomiting, constipation so I took her to hospital expecting her to have a chest infection. Her initial observations were normal so she was sent for a chest x-ray. That x-ray told the truth my babies heart was severely enlarged she had cardiomyopathy and an ECHO showed only 30% of her heart was functioning. She was a very sick little girl who went straight to paediatric intensive care and was put an a ventilator.Eloise's life hung in the balance for 3 weeks , she was very unstable and needed a heart transplant urgently. 5 days after going on the transplant list Eloise received her gift of life a new heart.
The last few years have been tough at times, but Eloise has had a healthy good quality of life and has a lot of fun. She doesn't like needles....who does but is a brave little girl. I am so proud of Eloise , she's 9 years old now 8 years post transplant. Only 50% of children survive 10 years but my little girl will defy all the odds and statistics.


  1. Praise the LORD for her life and for the new heart! God's blessings on her and your family!

  2. Why don't you use dates on your posts? It is hard to know when you wrote your messages/posts.