Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet Harley

Harley was born on may 14th and was diagnosed with Hydranacephaly. Meaning she only has 10% of her brain. I was told she would not live past 2 weeks outside the hospital. I was also told she would not be able to eat on her own and that she couldn't hear or see. Well she is just about 3 months old now, and she is smiling she can hear me, she may not know what she hears, but she hears. I believe she knows who her family is. She eats great on her own and is nearly 7lbs! She is our lil Miracle baby.


  1. what an amazing story, i LOVE to hear how the kiddos prove the doctors WRONG...after all, its not the doctors who get the final say....its God! what a beauty!!

  2. This baby is beautiful!

  3. such an amazingly beautiful little girl! I pray she is still doing well and still proving the doctors wrong!!