Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet Peanut

My Peanut was born 4 weeks early, after 8 weeks of bedrest and terbutaline for preterm labor. She was noted to be jittery and a poor eater at birth, but was sent home with me two days later. From birth she has dealt with reflux, aspiration, chronic constipation, and more. She has endured more surgeries, central lines, and testing than most adults. She has survived an 18 minute cardiac arrest, and proved that the doctors don't always know the future!

She has a metabolic disorder called SCAD Deficiency, microcephaly, mild hip dyslplasia, neurogenic bladder, hydronephrosis, catheterized every 6 hours, is 100% g-tube fed due to severe oral aversions, is non-verbal, and is cute as heck! She walks in a gait trainer and uses a wheelchair to get around.

At 5.5 years old, she is at a 6-9 month level developmentally. She has just started making sounds - mama, nana, nyny.

She is always smiling, super ticklish, and absolutely amazing!


  1. Peanut is so cute, Lacey that blanket looks great.