Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet Arabella

Arabella was born prematurely with fetalis hydrops, complete AV canal, and Down syndrome. She was born weighing 7 lb 11 oz. After draining all of the excess fluid from her little body, she was down to 4 lb. She fought hard and beat all expectations - she survived. At 7 weeks of age she went into heart failure. After 85 days in the NICU, she traveled to Texas to meet her family. We were home a grand ten days before rushing to the Emergency Room. She was admitted for Respiratory distress. During that seven week admission, her complete AV Canal was repaired. Her pulmonary hypertension was measured, and she picked up every bug she could. She returned home for about 10 days and was re-admitted for Respiratory Distress. During this six weeks admission she has received a trach, g-tube, and fundo. She has battled aspirate pneunomia and every bug she can pick up here in the PICU. She went back into emergency surgery to remove part of her stomach. We have learned more about her BPD and bronchial malasia. She continues her fight, and hopefully one day soon, she'll be able to come home.


  1. She is just precious, Arabella is in our prayers.

  2. sending up some prayers for sweet little Arabella!

  3. praying hard, such a sweet warrior!

  4. Lacey, Could you send me your address? (offline is perfect!) I accidentally threw away the envelope with your return address on it.
    Shelly @ turpin family . cc (no spaces)