Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet Vincentio

Vincentio was born on Sept.11,2005. A preemie (he wasn't due till late Nov.), he was born with a very large VSD and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. When he was finally sent home, he went into CHF three days later and we almost lost him right there in our living room. He spent a week in PICU on meds and was sent home again. The following week he went to cardiology for a checkup and his doc called the mobile ICU from her office and had him transported back into PICU. From there he had his heart repair (at 7 weeks old and just under 5 lbs.). He couldn't wait any longer, he was dying. The operation saved his heart and his life but two weeks later we noticed a bulge at the base of his incision, the peds surgeon said it was a hernia, nothing to worry about, they would fix it later. He seemed to do well for a few months, then he began to have many, many respiratory problems, months later they realized (during a CT while hospitalized), he had also been suffering from a diaphragmatic hernia as well. His intestines and stomach were collapsing his left lung.. no wonder he couldn't breathe or hold down any food. He had surgery to repair this and a bowel obstruction that was found during presurgery tests, and was in PICU again during recovery. Since then he has had a Nissen for severe reflux, and a g tube for failure to thrive. He's 3 1/2 now, and a whopping 22 lbs! and is just beginning to walk and use some sign language. He has some leakage in his right atrium still and issues with pulmonary hypertension, he also suffers from a myeloproliferative blood disorder so we have to watch blood counts and have done one bone marrow biopsy so far to watch for leukemia.. so far we've been lucky there. He's my angel :)

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